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Information for applicants

To ensure a quality application, please review the below information in full before applying.

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When is the scholarship period?

Applications open in October each year.  At that time, you can apply based on your intention to study (and complete the study) between 1 January and 31 December the following calendar year.

Reimbursement claims are then made after your study is completed.

Refer to point 5 of the MHSS Terms and conditions document for more details of the scholarship period stipulations.

Check your eligibility

All applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • are permanent or temporary Queensland Health allied health and nursing clinicians, and are currently working closely with people accessing mental health, alcohol and other drugs services
  • maintain the above employment status with Queensland Health during the period of the scholarship
    are citizens of Australia or New Zealand (New Zealand citizens living in Australia under the Special Category Visa [sub class 444])
  • have permanent residency in Australia
  • are completing formal tertiary post-graduate study in advanced mental health clinical practice
  • are able to meet the higher education provider admission requirements of the proposed post-graduate course/program
  • are studying a qualification at a higher education provider registered by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). (This includes public and private universities, Australian branches of overseas universities and other higher education providers).

Refer to the Example eligible courses list for more information about suitable study.

Employment status

You must also provide the following information in your application to demonstrate eligibility:

  • your current level of qualifications and professional development history
  • employment status including the length of any temporary contract and the applicants intention to continue to work closely with people accessing mental health, alcohol and other drugs services
  • Line manager details
  • For Nursing applicants: Transition to Practice Nursing Education Program details
  • Geographic location and local service team
  • Area of specialty, your role
  • Queensland Health payroll number
  • How long you’ve worked in mental health, alcohol or other drug services.

A copy of your Resume (in pdf format ready for uploading) will be requested in the application.

Note: Applications from staff not currently working in a specific mental health service role will be considered, provided the applicant can show genuine and sustained personal development in the Priority areas.


Courses/programs not eligible:

  • courses/programs leading to a basic qualification for practice or registration
  • vocational education and training (VET) courses including certificate and diploma qualifications
  • research, management/leadership, policy development or health promotion
  • undergraduate courses/programs, unless units are undertaken as a continuing education package by applicants already possessing a pre-service degree.

Tips and requirements

Scholarships are in high demand - your application needs to shine!

To enhance your chances of being awarded a scholarship you are required to:

  • be thoughtful in your responses to the Assessment Criteria (AC) questions - vague, generalised responses are not favourable
  • do not copy your content from any other sources - high quality written responses, and work that is clearly your own personal reflection will stand out
  • know your planned area of study – i.e. the specific course you will or are already enrolled in, including name and number of units you will be studying:
    • if required refer to the Example eligible courses list
    • if your selected area of study is not identified on the Example eligible courses list, however you believe it aligns to the requirements and priorities (listed below), please provide full evidence to enable the panel to make an informed decision.
  • demonstrate clearly how the course is relevant to your clinical practice context/role
  • describe clearly how the course will advance your clinical skills, knowledge and clinical practice development
  • describe how it will contribute to consumer recovery and clinical outcomes
  • demonstrate how the course/program is linked to national and state mental health policy, priorities and standards, specifically:
    • how it is directly relevant to advanced clinical practice when working closely with people accessing mental health, alcohol and other drugs services
    • focuses on clinical skills or direct service provision e.g. not research, leadership/management, policy development or health promotion as stated above in Exclusions
    • focuses on addressing identified workforce priorities such as skill shortages/skill development and professional discipline competencies/standards.
  • if you are not working in the fields of mental health or substance use, but believe your ambitions align to the above listed priorities, please provide full evidence to enable the panel to make an informed decision
  • refer to Preview application questions (not currently available!) which are provided to assist you in preparing your detailed responses before opening the application form
  • prepare notes; have all your information/files ready and available prior to accessing the electronic application form, the application must be completed in one sitting – if you exit or pause the application part way through, your information will be lost. Incomplete applications are discarded
  • if you are continuing study and reapplying, do not submit the same application that was previously awarded a scholarship – refer to Previous scholarship recipients notes below
  • if you have applied previously and were unsuccessful, do not re-submit your previous application
  • ensure you have read the MHSS Terms and conditions

Details  of required steps are described in full on the Apply for Scholarship page.

Priority areas

The following roles/areas of study will be shown priority:

  • Early career allied health clinicians and nurses where study area has a direct impact on people accessing mental health, alcohol and other drugs services.
  • Early career allied health clinicians and nurses transitioning to roles in mental health, alcohol and other drugs services.
  • Registered nurses undertaking courses leading to credentialing as a mental health nurse.
  • Allied health clinicians and registered nurses undertaking approved postgraduate studies in mental health, or sub specialties of mental health practice, for example:
    • Postgraduate Mental Health qualification including Master of Psychology programs (Master/Diploma/Cert)
    • Postgraduate Mental Health qualification in mental health Nursing (Master/Diploma/Cert)
    • Specialty postgraduate; Perinatal and infant mental health, forensic mental health, child and youth, alcohol and other drugs, older persons, nurse practitioner (Masters)
    • Postgraduate therapeutics; DBT, counselling, family therapy, suicide prevention.
  • Queensland Health Nursing and Allied Health staff from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and CALD backgrounds seeking to further develop mental health competencies through post graduate studies.*
  • Courses/programs that enhance advanced mental health clinical practice in all health care professionals (allied health and registered nurses).
  • Clinicians practising in rural and remote areas.

*Targeted funding has been provided under Better Care Together | Queensland Health Priority 1: Strengthening service capacity and the built environment to support and incentivise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and CALD Queensland Health staff to further develop mental health competencies through postgraduate studies, administered through the MHSS.

Value of scholarship

The study load determines the scholarship value that may be awarded. Up to $1000 per unit/subject is available, with a maximum scholarship value capped at $5000 per individual, per identified calendar year.

Important factors in determining value:

  • The scholarship value is for tuition fees only (administration fees, textbooks and other costs are not included). Limited to tuition fees paid in full including tuition fees deferred to the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS).
  • Scholarships are awarded for one calendar year only:
    • those continuing study must reapply for subsequent year/s of study - recurrent scholarships are not guaranteed
    • those whose completion of a course has been deferred must reapply for the subsequent year of study.
  • Units/subjects that run over multiple semesters/trimesters or double credit points are paid as a single subject.
  • The intended units/subjects must be identified in the application and will determine the number of units/subjects claimed (additional subjects that may be undertaken but not identified in the application, cannot be claimed).
  • Unit/subject must be successfully completed (passing grade minimum) in order to be claimed.
  • Claims for each semester must be finalised within 60 days of results being issued. Late claims will not be processed.

Important: The MHSS reimbursement is taxable as a fringe benefit tax (FBT) item and may incur an FBT liability if applicants are already salary sacrificing other items. Please refer to the Australian Taxation Office scholarship decision tool and contact salary sacrifice providers for advice before applying for a scholarship.

Previous scholarship recipients to note

If you are continuing in the same course/program of study, you may apply for a recurrent scholarship. Reimbursement offeres are not guaranteed however.

You will be required to submit a new application that reflects on the previous semester of learning under the scholarship and demonstrates the positive impact that study made on day-to-day practice.

Please do not resubmit your previous application! It will be declined.

Ready to start your application?

Go to the Apply for Scholarship page.

Need more information? Visit the More information page, or contact the MHSS Coordinator at:

Mental Health Scholarship Scheme Coordinator
Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning
Locked Bag 500 Archerfield QLD 4108

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Last updated: 27 September 2023