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  • E learn SCI: :

    A web-based teaching and educational resources for health care clinicians. An initiative of the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) it’s aim is to provide comprehensive information on SIC management to students and clinicians from all medical and paramedical disciplines involved in SCI care.


    Spinal Cord Injury Research Evidence:  reviews, evaluates, and translates existing research knowledge into a format designed to inform health professionals and other stakeholders of best rehabilitation practices following SCI.

    SCIRE Community:

    A version of SCIRE (above) geared towards people with SCI and their families.

    Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Spinal Seating Modules:

    Aims to assist health clinicians working with clients with a spinal cord injury to gain knowledge and skill in the practice of seating and wheeled mobility prescription.

    ASIA and ASIA algorithm:

    Aims support and educate healthcare workers, patients and their families and all members of the public on all aspects of spinal cord injury. With the aim of preventing, improving care, increasing services for the injured induvial. Doing this through communication, research and having a high standard of excellence.

    A reliable computational algorithm to score the impairment scale calculations of the ASIA International Standards For Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury (ISNCSCI)

  • ISCoS:

    Serves as an international impartial, non-political and non-profit making association whose purpose is to study all problems relating to traumatic and non-traumatic lesions of the spinal cord. This includes causes, prevention, basic and clinical research, medical and surgical management, clinical practice, education, rehabilitation and social reintegration.

    NSW SCI:

    NSW SCI service which aims to support patients with spinal cord injuries in all areas from injury to rehabilitation, and when they are ready to go back into the community.

    NZ Spinal Trust:

    A New Zealand Trust with the mission to empower people with spinal cord impairments and their families to embrace positive futures. Support and information services are provided across New Zealand to help people overcome challenges, create strong networks, and pursue opportunities following their spinal impairment.

    The NZ Spinal Trust in conjunction with the Burwood Spinal Unit produced the Back on Track resource, a unique patient handbook designed to be used as the ‘Course Curriculum’ for patients in their early rehabilitation phase as well as for their carers, families and friends. Back on track is provided to patients in the SIU, and is available to purchase from this website.

    Paralysed Veterans of America:

    Offers support and information to veterans and their families from employment services, legal services, assistance with benefits and more.

  • Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Association (ARNA):

    It is run by nurses and works with rehabilitation nurses to help them exchange information and knowledge to provide educational and professional enhancements. While encouraging multi and interdisciplinary sharing of information.

  • NDIS:

    National scheme aiming to help provide funding, connection and information to services for eligible members of the public in order to help them pay for caring for themselves or others with a disability.


    The National Injury Insurance Scheme, Queensland (NIISQ) is a no-fault scheme that provides necessary and reasonable lifetime treatment, care and support to those who sustain eligible serious personal injuries in a motor accident in Queensland, on or after 1 July 2016.

    My Aged Care:

    Provides help to  navigating community services such as help around the house, and short term care to aged care homes. The webpage aims to help you figure out what you need, where can obtain it and how much it will cost you.

Last updated: 16 March 2021