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Participating in life after SCI

The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to assist people who have experienced injury to become active participants in life. Those factors which can be catalysts for participation in life after spinal cord injury have been the subject of a qualitative research project being conducted within the Queensland Spinal Cord Injuries Service. Participants in the project have extensively discussed, compared and contrasted their own perceptions of what it means to participate in life and what they believe assists their successful participation.

Each research participant shared some of their personal catalysts for participation in this series of videos.

James shares his love of wheelchair rugby and how this has helped his life skills. He also gives his thoughts about the role of the internet and technology in participation.

Vicki talks about the importance of creating and maintaining a strong friendship circle. Vicki also explains her viewpoint on taking risks and pushing yourself.

Alastair reflects on the importance of competitive swimming as a catalyst for health, fitness and routine. He describes how he needed to push to overcome barriers in returning to his career after injury.

Leanne talks about her determination to be independent fulfilling the roles of wife, mother and full time worker. She reflects on when it is prudent to accept help.


Lived Experience of Spinal Cord Injury - James from Metro South Health



Lived Experience of Spinal Cord Injury - Vicki from Metro South Health



Lived Experience of Spinal Cord Injury - Alastair from Metro South Health



Lived Experience of Spinal Cord Injury - Leanne from Metro South Health


Last updated: 16 March 2021