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Falls risk factors - Stay On Your Feet

A falls risk factor is something that increases an older person’s chance of falling 114. Falls commonly result from a combination of risk factors 77 as 'the risk of falling increases with the number of risk factors that are present' 115. The number of risk factors also increases as a person ages 115.

This section provides comprehensive information about risk factors, what works to prevent falls, how to conduct falls screening and assessment and where to find out more.

About falls risk factors
Find out what risk factors are and why they are important in preventing falls.

What works to prevent falls
There has been extensive studies into which risk factors have the greatest association with falls. This section provides evidence, strategies and resources about what works to prevent falls, by risk factor:

Falls risk factor screening

Falls risk factor assessment

Research related to falls risk factors

To find out more about risk factors
For more in-depth information about falls risk factors, risk awareness, risk screening and assessment methods, refer to the Queensland Stay On Your Feet® Community Good Practice Guidelines

Last updated: 23 July 2012