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Borehole logging Use Licence

The borehole logging (wireline logging) industry uses radiation sources for a range of purposes, including:

  • borehole logging of oil and gas wells
  • borehole logging of mineral deposits.

The use of radiation sources to carry out a radiation practice is regulated under the Radiation Safety Act 1999 to minimise the risks associated with radiation. This includes radiation sources used for borehole logging.

Borehole logging sources include:

  • sealed radioactive substances
  • neutron generating equipment
  • X-ray equipment.

Know which form you need?

This page contains the following borehole logging Use Licence application form:

If you are unsure which form you need to complete, including the required supporting documentation, please read on.

Who needs this licence?

You will need this licence if you seek to use a radiation source for borehole logging.

People using radiation sources in the borehole logging industry include:

  • borehole loggers
  • engineers
  • field engineers.

You do not need to apply for a use licence if you are helping a licence holder to perform borehole logging. The Use Licensee will need to personally supervise these activities.

Responsibilities of a Use Licensee

As part of your responsibilities as a Use Licensee you will need to:

  • only use a radiation source for the practice described in your Use Licence
  • only use a radiation source if the Possession Licensee has specified that you may
  • comply with the Possession Licensee’s approved Radiation Safety and Protection Plan for the radiation practice and your individual responsibilities detailed in it.

You are required to comply with Radiation Safety Act 1999.

Apply for a borehole logging Use Licence

You can apply for a standard Use Licence or a licence to use security enhanced sources for borehole logging:

Application for a licence to use a radiation source (PDF 964 kB)

Use this form if you seek to use a radiation source for borehole logging.

Your application needs to include:

  • 2 proof of identity documents
  • verification that you have completed a radiation safety course approved by Radiation Health
  • a certified copy of your qualifications and training
  • work visa and immigration papers (if applicable)
  • evidence of your competency and experience using the radiation source:
  1. a copy of your training record (for trainees)
  2. a letter stating your achieved level of competency from your supervising licensee


  1. a copy of an equivalent licence issued by another Australian jurisdiction (needs to be current)
  2. written verification of your experience using the radiation source for borehole logging from a current or previous employer.

Licence duration

A Use Licence can be for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Renewal applications can be made 60 days before your licence expires. You will be sent a reminder and renewal application form before your licence expires.


You will need to pay a licence fee. If you do not hold a current licence you will also need to pay an application fee.

See schedule of fees to determine the fee you will need to pay.

If you are applying for a licence to use a security enhanced source, you will need to pay an additional fee for the required security and criminal history check.

Required training and competency

You will need to demonstrate that you have undergone both theoretical and practical training using the radiation source safely and effectively for borehole logging.

Knowledge and practical competencies

To be granted a Use Licence you will need to have both basic and specific knowledge of radiation safety and protection for borehole logging.

Knowledge competencies for radiation safety and protection include:

  • the properties and effects of ionising radiation
  • principles of radiation protection
  • principles of personal radiation monitoring.

Practical competencies for the safe use of radiation sources include:

  • assess and reassess risks and hazards during radiation use and transport
  • operate the radiation source using correct and safe methods
  • use and care for personal protective equipment, safety devices and radiation monitoring equipment
  • conduct routine maintenance of equipment and devices
  • measure, monitor, and interpret radiation measurements
  • conduct operational and functional checks on equipment and associated devices
  • store and transport radioactive substances
  • maintain security of radioactive substances
  • conduct source leak testing
  • incident response.

Training record

You can submit your training record as part of the evidence of your supervised experience using the radiation source for borehole logging.

Your supervisor will determine when you are considered competent to perform borehole logging. At a minimum, you need to have completed 300 hours using the type of radiation equipment for borehole logging.

Licence to use a radiation source for borehole logging

Application for a licence to use a radiation source (PDF 964 kB)

Use this form if you seek to use a radiation source for borehole logging.

Licence to use a security enhanced source

Application for a licence to use a radiation source (PDF 964 kB)

Use this form if you seek to use a security enhanced source for borehole logging.

These radiation sources pose a significant risk and have additional security requirements that need to be met before your application can be assessed. You need this security clearance before your licence can be granted.

Licence application process for security enhanced sources:

  1. submit your application
  2. a security and criminal history check is conducted
  3. your application is assessed (if your security clearance is granted)
  4. you are granted a licence (if your application is successful).
Last updated: 1 April 2022