Foodborne disease

Surveillance of foodborne diseases is coordinated through an organisation called OzFoodNet.

The Queensland OzFoodNet team:

  • monitors and reports on foodborne disease incidence in Queensland
  • investigates and reports on foodborne outbreak investigations in Queensland
  • conducts and reports on research activities.

Quarterly reports

We produce quarterly reports showing summaries of current Queensland outbreak investigations. These reports are provided to the national body. 

OzFoodnet Australia collates the information from all states to produce national quarterly reports that help detect and respond to emerging foodborne diseases and multijurisdictional outbreaks that cross state and territory borders.

National quarterly reports (which include collated Queensland data) are available from the OzFoodNet website.


OzFoodNet's mission is to apply concentrated effort at a national level to investigate and understand foodborne disease, to describe more effectively its epidemiology and to identify ways to minimise foodborne illness in Australia.

Read more about OzFoodNet Queensland.

OzFoodNet is part of a World Health Organization capacity building network—Global Foodborne Infections Network (GFN).

More information

Contact us if you have queries about Queensland reports or require copies of Queensland reports.

Last updated: 8 December 2016