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Careers at FSS

Forensic and Scientific Services (FSS) is Australia’s most comprehensive forensic and public and environmental health facility. We perform specialist testing and analysis and give independent advice for the health and safety of our community.

We employ a unique range of highly qualified and experienced professionals, including:

Administrative, technical and professional officers

Administrative and professional support staff are employed in a variety of roles including executive support, administration, finance, business management, project management, library, records and research governance officers.


We employ chemists in public and environmental health (inorganic, organic, radiation and nuclear sciences), forensic chemistry and toxicology and in research.

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Coronial Family Services employ qualified social workers and psychologists who support next of kin of people whose deaths are being, or have been, investigated by a Queensland Coroner.

Health physicists

At Queensland Health, health physicists assess health impacts to the community and environment from sources of radiation.

There are numerous forms of radiation sources and radioactive materials, and potential exposure pathways; consequently, health physicists work in a dynamic area with ample opportunity for growth in knowledge and experience across many scientific disciplines.

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Laboratory technicians

Our laboratory technicians prepare, organise, undertake and record laboratory tests using a range of tools and equipment.

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Mortuary assistants

Mortuary assistants, sometimes called mortuary attendants or mortuary technicians, play an important role in the post-mortem examination process. They assist forensic pathologists in preparing bodies and organ specimens for examination, while also maintaining the mortuary rooms, supplies and equipment.

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Nurses employed at FSS support the forensic pathologists, forensic medical officers and mortuary staff as part of the coronial and medico-legal process.


Radiochemists are present in two streams at Queensland Health: environmental and medical. At FSS, we have environmental radiochemists situated in the Radiation and Nuclear Science Unit.

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We have many opportunities for scientists at FSS depending on your educational major and the scientific stream of interest. Generally, a scientist is someone who gathers and uses research and evidence to make a hypothesis, which they test and share the findings.

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Specialist medical officers

We employ a variety of specialist medical officers such as forensic pathologists, forensic odontologists and forensic medical officers.

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Vacant positions

We advertise vacant positions on the Smart Jobs and Seek websites. We do not offer voluntary work experience, placements or observer-ships due to nature of the work we do. However, we do offer third year and post-graduate research collaborative agreements with universities.

Last updated: 20 October 2019