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Forensic and scientific roles and requirements

About forensic and scientific roles and requirements

We have opportunities across our forensic and scientific services, however there are certain things you need to do before you can apply.

Administrative, technical and professional officers

Our administrative, technical and professional support staff help our forensic and scientific business units. Some roles have requirements for employment.


Our chemists analyse and measure the impact chemicals have on the environment and human health. They also need to meet certain requirements to practice.


Our forensic services counsellors support the next of kin of people whose deaths are being, or have been, investigated by a Queensland Coroner.

Forensic odontologists

Our forensic odontologists and dentists help pathologists identify deceased persons and in death investigations. There are specific requirements for this role.

Forensic pathologists

Our forensic pathologists conduct autopsy investigations to identify causes of death. These highly specialised positions have specific requirements to practice.

Forensic physicians

Our forensic physicians interpret medical evidence from victims of crime and perpetrators. They also need to meet certain requirements to practice.

Health physicists

Our health physicists assess health impacts to the community and environment from sources of radiation. There are certain requirements for employment.

Laboratory technicians

Our laboratory technicians provide technical assistance in a range of laboratories. They need to meet certain requirements to practice, depending on the laboratory.

Mortuary assistants

Our mortuary assistants provide mortuary assistance to pathologists and maintain mortuary facilities.


Our nurses support forensic pathologists, forensic medical officers and mortuary staff as part of the coronial and medico-legal process.


Our radiochemists provide specialist radiochemical services in the environmental stream. They also need to meet certain requirements to practice.


Scientists work across a range of forensic and scientific disciplines. There are certain requirements to practice, which differ according to the discipline.

Last updated: 27 January 2023