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Healthy active ageing: Resources for seniors

This section includes Queensland Stay On Your Feet® resources and other healthy active ageing resources to help seniors age with vitality and stay independent.

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Get active now!

If you are ready and able to become more healthy and active, and would like to find out the services available in your community to help you, find some providers in your local area.

Queensland Stay On Your Feet resources (and how to order)

Be Safe BrochureBE SAFE  

BE SAFE brochure
This brochure will advise you how to Stay On Your Feet® in hospital, reduce the risk of a fall and prepare for going home. These two brochures have identical content except for the front images.

 Link to Queensland Stay on Your Feet Checklist 

Queensland Stay On Your Feet® Checklist
This short checklist helps older people quickly identify issues that may put them at risk of a fall. After completing the checklist, seniors can discuss any concerns with a health professional.

 Link to How to Stay on Your Feet checklist 

How to Stay On Your Feet® Checklist
This comprehensive checklist covers a range of factors that may put older people at risk of a fall including wellbeing, nutrition, physical activity, health conditions, footwear and hazards in and around the home. Potential solutions for overcoming any issues identified are provided. It is recommended that older people complete this checklist with a health professional.

are your feet healthy

safe shoe checklist


Are your healthy feet healthy? checklist
The foot health checklist will help you stay on your feet. The foot health checklist helps to identify any foot problems that may affect your walking and balance.

Safe shoe checklist
The safe shoe checklist outlines safe shoe features and will help you stay on your feet.

Link to the Ageing with vitality guide and workbook


Ageing with vitality: Your everyday guide to healthy active living
This guide is full of tips, real-life stories and sample exercises to make being healthy and active fun. It suggests everyday activities and exercises for strength, balance, flexibility and endurance that you can do at home. A separate workbook is also available (see below).

Ageing with vitality: Workbook
This workbook is to be used in conjunction with Ageing with vitality: Your everyday guide to healthy active living (see above) to plan and record progress as you increase your levels of physical activity and improve your fitness.

Link to the Active Living for Older Adults Directory for Townsville

 Active Living for Older Adults Directory Townsville
This directory provides information about services and activities in the Townsville area that encourage healthy lifestyles and help you stay on your feet. It provides contacts for more information and links to websites where available.

Other resources

 Link to One Step Ahead booklet One Step Ahead
This booklet has lots of easy to follow tips on preventing falls. Produced by Queensland Health and the Department of Housing, this guide has large print and provides a range of contacts for more information.
Link to Staying On: Stay active and independent in your home Staying On: Stay active and independent in your home
Offers a guide and checklist for staying independent by reducing your risk of injury from falling. Produced by Queensland Health’s Home and Community Care Program. Available in other languages.
Link to Dont fall for it - Falls can be prevented guide Don't fall for it. Falls can be prevented! 
This guide to preventing falls for older people is aimed at seniors living in the community, their families and carers. It describes falls risk factors and what to do in the event of a fall. Produced by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Available in other languages.
Last updated: 28 February 2020

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