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The How to Stay On Your Feet® Checklist

The How to Stay On Your Feet® Checklist (PDF 4.3 MB)
This more comprehensive checklist covers wellbeing, nutrition, physical activity, health conditions, footwear and hazards in and around the home. Older people can then discuss any concerns with their health professional.

This document has been made available in smaller downloadable sections. Each section addresses a main reason for falling and it provides information and suggestions to help manage your health and lifestyle, as well as make your home safe.
The sections are as follows:
Cover page, Introduction, How to use this checklist, Contents
Stay active and stay independent
Health conditions
Foot care
Strong bones, muscles and healthy eating
Safety in and around the home
Personal alarms and walking aids
What to do if you fall at home
Useful contacts

Last updated: 27 January 2023