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Queensland Stay On Your Feet® Toolkit - Falls prevention in action

Queensland Stay On Your Feet Wide Bay/Burnett trial project

During the Queensland Stay On Your Feet Wide Bay/Burnett trial project, community meetings identified the need to raise awareness and provide information as a key objective. A range of strategies were used, including:

  • a television commercial
  • project/program newsletter
  • a One Step Ahead booklet, fact sheets and other brochures
  • an annual calendar
  • media relations to achieve coverage in the local media and community newsletters
  • ambassadors
  • public displays
  • public events, including Come and try days.

Project/program newsletter
The Queensland Stay On Your Feet Wide Bay/Burnett trial project produced a newsletter as an ongoing strategy to promote awareness. The newsletter aimed to:

  • provide information about the aims and objectives and scope of the project
  • provide exposure to the project name, logo and slogan
  • promote upcoming events and give feedback about previous events
  • highlight successful local activities and initiatives
  • provide regular updates on progress towards community action plan strategies
  • enhance knowledge about falls risk factors
  • encourage networking between communities
  • provide contact details for the project team and referral sources [100].

The newsletter was distributed through the project mailing database list, at events, presentations and workshops. Organisations were encouraged to use the content in their own newsletters or photocopy any relevant articles to share with their members. In total, there were eight newsletters printed. Around 2,600 copies of each issue were distributed, totalling over 20,000 copies distributed during the life of the project. While the project team found the production of the newsletter to be labour intensive, it was well recognised by the community and encouraged people to take action.

The Queensland Stay on Your Feet Wide Bay/Burnett trial project developed material that could be presented on a three-panel display board for use at events. This type of display material was difficult to use, as the boards were very heavy and cumbersome. For future projects/programs, it was recommended that display boards be lightweight so that they can be easily transported and displayed.

Annual calendar
During the Queensland Stay on Your Feet Wide Bay/Burnett trial project, 7500 calendars, which included cartoons from a local artist, were distributed to the project mailing database list and distributed at events and workshops.

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Last updated: 2 October 2012