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Queensland Stay On Your Feet® Toolkit

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Phase 2 Purpose and outcome
During Phase 2, you will review the findings from your investigation in Phase 1 and use it to develop a successful, evidence-based plan of action. By the end of Phase 2, you will have defined:

  • the most effective strategies for your local community, based on research
  • who will do what
  • when activities will take place
  • how strategies will be evaluated and progress monitored
  • how strategies will be communicated
  • priorities
  • budget.

Phase 2 Action steps
A.  Prioritise evidence-based strategies
B.  Engage stakeholders 
C.  Develop a plan of action, and how to measure success
D.  Decide how to communicate  

Phase 2 Tools & templates
This section includes a wide range of practical planning tools and templates to assist with writing a community action plan and communication plan, engaging the community, holding community planning and getting started meetings, and evaluation. You may also like to read more about the range of falls prevention theories and models.

Phase 2 Case studies
Read how others have developed a community action plan, used communication tools and run successful falls prevention social marketing campaigns.


Ready to start?
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Last updated: 13 July 2022