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Queensland Stay On Your Feet® Toolkit Phase 3 Implement

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Phase 3: Purpose and outcomes
During Phase 3, you will:

  • trial proposed strategies and resources with stakeholders to make sure they are appropriate
  • implement your action plan to promote healthy active ageing and reduce falls
  • monitor progress of your plan, explore emerging opportunities, and make any necessary changes
  • communicate progress with stakeholders.

Phase 3 Action steps
A. Test before you act
B. Implement the plan and monitor progress
C. Communicate progress with stakeholders 

Phase 3 Tools & templates
This section includes a wide range of practical planning tools and templates to assist with implementing your action plan, including evaluation tools, progress logs and communication tools such as sample media releases.

Phase 3 Case studies
Read how others have implemented and communicated their action plan.

Ready to start?
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Last updated: 13 July 2022