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Queensland Stay On Your Feet® - Toolkit Phase 3 Come and Try Days

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Come and try days

What is a Come and try day?

On a typical Come and try day, a number of sports, activities and recreational pastimes are put on display and people are able to try out all the different options available. All participants, no matter what their personal level of strength or agility, are welcome to attend. Trained leaders explain their activity, take any participants through a basic orientation session and then gently onto participation in the activity itself. Activities available are selected because they are appropriate, enjoyable and affordable for the target audience.

How do Come and try days benefit older people?
By participating in a Come and try day, older people can be encouraged and supported as they make an effort to try new physical activities. Apart from increasing levels of physical activity, Come and try days help to develop community and social networks, with many older people finding whole new groups of friends.

Come and try days have been used in a number of locations in Queensland (including in Thuringowa and Wide Bay/Burnett) in an effort to increase interest and participation in different forms of physical activity and exercise.

Planning a Come and try day
A Come and try day implementation package was developed as a result of an event run in Townsville/Thuringowa in 2006 [195]. Based on this package, there are seven steps in putting together a successful Come and try day.

  1. Make a list of current sporting and recreational activities already happening in your community.
  2. Discuss the Come and try day concept with local sport and recreation service providers to determine if they would support and participate in the program.
  3. If there is adequate interest, organise an information session for sport and recreation service providers.
  4. Increase awareness about the Come and try day program in your community through advertising and promotion by:
    - developing and distributing a Come and try day brochure
    - writing and distributing a media release.
  5. Organise and promote a Come and try day program launch.
  6. Measure the success of the come and try day program by gathering feedback from service providers and participants.
  7. Organise a closing event to celebrate the success of the Come and try day [195].

For a more detailed explanation of the seven steps needed to run a successful Come and try day

For a sample media release announcing a Come and try day

For sample editorial for use in local newspapers about the importance of physical activity for older people

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Useful resources and templates

These resources and templates may be useful when planning a come and try day [195].



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Last updated: 7 August 2012