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Telehealth appointment steps

The steps for preparing, attending and following up on your telehealth consultation are similar to those for a face-to-face appointment.

Before my appointment

  • Make sure you have your appointment details and have read the instructions on how to connect. You should have received this information from the clinic (e.g. by letter/email/text) along with a phone number in case you need to speak with someone about your appointment.
  • If you are connecting from home, check your equipment with a test call.

Interpreters are available to be booked for your appointment – please ask the clinic to arrange this for you.

Day of my appointment

  • Make sure you have all relevant information with you – for example, blood test results.
  • Have a pen and paper handy for notes, and think of any questions you would like to ask.
  • If you are connecting from home, follow the instructions given by the clinic to connect to your appointment 5 minutes before the time provided. If you have been sent a link, click on the link a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you have been given a dial number, enter it and your name in to the Telehealth Portal.
  • If you are connecting from your local health facility, make sure you arrive early so that the staff can check you in and have the equipment ready in time for your appointment.

During my appointment

  • Ask any questions you have regarding your treatment.
  • If your doctor needs to send you a prescription or test forms (e.g. blood tests, x-rays), make sure they have your correct address or tell them which local health facility to send them to.

After my appointment

  • Schedule any tests requested by your doctor at your local health facility
  • If medication was prescribed, attend the pharmacy your prescription was sent to in order to purchase.

How to Connect for Patients - Quick reference guide

Last updated: 12 January 2023

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding a Queensland Health telehealth appointment that is already booked, please contact this clinic directly using the contact details on the appointment letter.

For technical support with video conferencing, please contact the Telehealth Service Desk Email: Phone: 1800 066 888

For general questions on telehealth please contact the telehealth support unit: email:

If you have any immediate health concerns, please contact your GP, 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or call 000 if you require an ambulance.