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CSCF public hospitals

Under the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011, a service agreement is in place between the Department of Health and each Hospital and Health Service (HHS) for the provision of public health services.
The HHS service agreements state:

  1. At Section 11, Cessation of Service delivery, requires HHSs to notify the Department about the proposed Termination or Suspension of a health Service.
  2. In Schedule 1, Section 3, Clinical Services Capability Framework, HHSs must ensure that:
    • All facilities have undertaken a baseline self-assessment against the Clinical Services Capability Framework version 3.2 (CSCF).
    • The Department is notified when a change to the CSCF baseline self-assessment occurs through the established public hospital CSCF notification process.
    • In the event that a CSCF module is updated or a new module is introduced, a self-assessment is undertaken against the relevant module and submitted to the Department.

HHSs must notify the Department of a change to the CSCF, regardless of the length of time the change will be in place. It is imperative this change is communicated to the Department well in advance of it being implemented. The Public hospital CSCF notification process (PDF 440 kB) outlines in further detail the notification process. Templates for notifying the Department are found below:

CSCF change less than three months

CSCF change three months or more

HHSDocument detailsLast updated
Cairns and Hinterland PDF, 260kB July 2019
Central Queensland PDF, 736kB June 2017
Central West  PDF, 90kB November 2017
Children's Health Queensland  PDF, 61kB October 2017
Darling Downs  PDF, 460Kb May 2019
Gold Coast  PDF, 57kB April 2018
Mackay  PDF, 102kB November 2021
Metro North PDF, 229kB April 2021       
Metro South  PDF, 80kB May 2018
North West  PDF, 81kB September 2015
South West  PDF, 295kB September 2021
Sunshine Coast  PDF, 336kB December 2018
Torres and Cape  PDF, 91kB April 2018
Townsville PDF, 82kB August 2017
West Moreton PDF, 236kB January 2019  
Wide Bay PDF, 338kB October 2016
Last updated: 16 March 2022

Self assessment enquiries

Please use the contact details below for any Public health sector CSCF self-assessment enquiries.