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CPCRE - Education - General Practitioners

Target: All General Medical Practitioners in Queensland.

  • The Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education (CPCRE) manages the Queensland Health General Practice Palliative Care Education Initiative. It enables development of educational resources and facilitates clinical experience in palliative care for General Medical Practitioners. As part of this initiative, CPCRE developed GP Pain Help, an app and website to help GPs manage cancer pain.
  • CPCRE also worked with specialist palliative care physicians and others to deliver a series of brief videos for GPs - see below.
  • CPCRE works closely with the Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA), which aims to enhance the skills and expertise of GPs and other providers in end of life care through observational placements with specialist palliative care teams. There is no charge for PEPA placements; travel and accommodation if required are free or generously subsidised; and backfill funding is available.
  • CPCRE's biannual forum for GPs and other professionals provides opportunities to discuss clinical management with palliative care specialists, and be updated in current best practice.
  • The Centre provides workshops and seminars for palliative care specialists and generalist medical, nursing and allied health professionals. Further information about all events:

The objectives of the GP Education Program:

  • Encourage partnership in education and service delivery between specialist palliative care services and GP education providers
  • Develop evidence-based education resources accessible to GPs in all locations
  • Enhance the workforce capacity of GPs to provide palliative care
  • Provide educational and practical support for GPs in their role as primary palliative care providers.

Last updated: 2 January 2020