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Health physicist

Health physics is a field of science concerned with radiation protection. Health physicists within Queensland Health assess health impacts to the community and environment from sources of radiation.

There are numerous forms of radiation sources and radioactive materials and potential exposure pathways. Consequently, the tasks conducted by health physicists are dynamic and broad ranging, with ample opportunity for growth in knowledge and experience across many scientific disciplines.


A Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Applied Science is required for all scientist positions. Students should then consider a major in physics and/or a related discipline.

Additional studies in health physics such as Masters or PhD are also valued, though not mandatory. Graduate physicists appointed to a health physicist position will develop through on-the-job experience and training. Health physicists also attend professional development training on an as-needed basis.


Health physicists can be found at Radiation and Nuclear Science.

Job vacancies are advertised on the Smart Jobs website.


  • Measuring radioactivity concentrations in water, soil, air and biota
  • Measuring and calculating effective doses of radiation to people and biota (dosimetry)
  • Investigating contaminated sites and recommending remediation strategies
  • Assessing mine sites and mineral processing facilities for the impact of naturally occurring radioactive material on workers and the environment
  • Decontaminating and decommissioning facilities associated with the use of radioactive substances
  • Designing and testing containers to transport radioactive substances
  • Providing radiation protection training, advice and consultancy
  • Calibrating radiation survey meters
  • Participating in research on the measurement and effects of radiation

Pay and conditions

At Queensland Health, the Health Practitioners and Dental Officers Award applies to health physicists.

You can review wage rates for health practitioners.

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Last updated: 16 December 2019