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Publication Scheme

The publication scheme for the Department of Health sets out a range of information that is made routinely available. Most of the information on our publication scheme is accessible through our website. If not, we will make the information available quickly upon request.

Documents are published in PDF format—for more information about using PDF, please visit our Help page. If you require a copy of this information in a different format, please contact us. You may be charged for the cost of producing a hardcopy version, if necessary.

If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions for additional information to be included in the publication scheme, please contact us.

Department of Health

Publication schemes cover 7 classes of information:

1. About us Queensland Health information, location and contacts, organisational structure and relationships.

2. Our services A description of the services offered by Queensland Health, including advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, transactions and media releases.

3. Our finances
Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, tendering, procurement and contracts.

4. Our priorities
Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.

5. Our decisions
Policy proposals, decisions, decision making processes, internal criteria and procedures, and consultations.

6. Our policies
Current written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities.

7. Our lists
Information held in registers required by legislation and other lists and registers relating to the functions of Queensland Health.

Queensland Health Gifts and Benefits Register

  January-March 2023April-June 2023
July-September 2022October-December 2022January-March 2022April-June 2022
July-September 2021October-December 2021January-March 2021April-June 2021
July-September 2020 (PDF, 199KB)October-December 2020 (PDF, 197 KB)January-March 2020 (PDF, 87kB)April-June 2020 (PDF, 75kB)
July-September 2019 (PDF, 181kB)October-December 2019 (PDF, 99 KB)January-March 2019 (PDF, 149kB)April-June 2019 (PDF, 277kB)
July-September 2018 (PDF, 135kB)October-December 2018 (PDF, 83kB)January-March 2018 (PDF, 129 kB)April-June 2018 (PDF, 235 kB)
July-September 2017 (PDF, 102kB)October-December 2017 (PDF, 93 kB)January-March 2017 (PDF, 32kB)April-June 2017 (PDF, 68kB)
July-September 2016 (PDF, 65kB)October-December 2016 (PDF, 76kB) January-March 2016 (PDF, 63kB)April-June 2016 (PDF, 56kB)
July-September 2015 register (PDF, 139kB)October-December 2015 (PDF, 259kB)January-March 2015 register (PDF, 41kB)April-June 2015 register (PDF, 129kB)
July-September 2014 register (PDF, 38kB)October-December 2014 register (PDF, 102kB)January–March 2014 register (PDF, 63kB)April-June 2014 register (PDF, 112kB)
July–September 2013 register (PDF, 26kB)October–December 2013 register (PDF, 40kB)January–March 2013 register (PDF, 22kB)April–June 2013 register (PDF, 32kB)
July–September 2012 register (PDF, 30kB)October–December 2012 register (PDF, 26kB)January–March 2012 register (PDF, 37kB)April–June 2012 register (PDF, 40kB)
July–September 2011 register (PDF, 35kB)October–December 2011 register (PDF, 22kB)January–March 2011 register (PDF, 39kB)April–June 2011 register (PDF, 42kB)
July–September 2010 register (PDF, 40kB)October–December 2010 register (PDF, 39kB)January–March 2010 register (PDF, 20kB)April–June 2010 register (PDF, 26kB)

Hospital and Health Services

These Hospital and Health Services currently have publication schemes:

Last updated: 12 July 2023