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ABIOS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program Direct Client Services

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A brain injury can affect a person in a lot of different ways, making the way they function in their lives different to how they were before the injury.  These changes often have a huge impact on families as well.  Rehabilitation can assist a person to make improvements in their functioning but often there are changes that will continue to impact on them and their families for the rest of their lives.  ABIOS works with people living in the community and can provide assistance to them, their families and the services who work with them.  We see people who have been recently injured as well as those who have been injured many years previously.

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ABIOS works directly with clients who live within a 150km radius of Brisbane.  We can talk with you and your family if you live further away and with service providers in your area to work together to try to improve your situation. ABIOS works from a Community Based Rehabilitation model with a strong focus on meeting the needs of people with brain injury in their own communities.  ABIOS works to build sustainable supports around people with acquired brain injury, in response to client and family goals. This often includes family and friends as well as health, disability and other services, depending on each person's unique situation.

ABIOS can talk with you and your family about strategies to assist you in your daily life and with the difficulties you have as a result of your brain injury.  We can refer you to appropriate services to assist you with particular issues, e.g. HACC services, Community Health.

Some of the difficulties people commonly have after a brain injury include:

  • Problems remembering things, e.g medication, appointments, what they have been doing or what they need to do
  • Problems getting started on doing things
  • Being easily distracted
  • Changes to vision, hearing, senses
  • Fatigue, being tired a lot
  • Understanding the changes
  • Changes in speech and language
  • Changes to behaviour

We are also able to provide consultancy to people in rural and remote areas of Queensland who may have difficulty accessing other services.  This is often about specific individual needs and can occur by phone, video conferencing or email.

Referrals to ABIOS can be made by individuals, families, professionals, and doctors.  The person with brain injury needs to consent to this referral.  ABIOS is a service for adults with brain injury.  If you want information about services for children, we may be able to direct you to more appropriate services.

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Last updated: 3 March 2017