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Books For Adults

"Why Did It Have To Happen To Our Family"
This is a CD Rom for children and teenagers who have a family member with Brain Injury produced by the Hunter Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program.

"Doing up Buttons" by Christine Durham
An autobiography of an Australian woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident. Contains lots of advice and ideas and some helpful services at the back. (Please note that this book is currently out of print with the Author seeking an alternative publisher)

"A Guide to Understanding Head Injury". Kathleen Griffiths.
An Australian text book written for families that covers subjects on the brain and how it is injured, early and later stages and impact on the family. (Please note that this book is currently out of print, however enquiries concerning this book can be directed to the Author via the Australian National University)

Synapse is located at Level 1, 262 Montague Rd, West End. You can contact them or visit their website and follow the links for some online fact sheets.

Lash and Associates Publishing / Training Inc are the largest producers of information on Brain Injury. Visit to view their various publications.

Amazon also has a range of book and video titles on Acquired Brain Injury. Visit and use the keywords  'brain injury' for your search.

Books for Children about the Brain

"Big Head! A Book About Your Brain and Your Head" 1998. P. Rowan, Random House : London, UK.

"Brain Box" 2003 Anita Ganeri, Evan Brothers Ltd : London

"Horrible Science: Bulging Brains" 1999, Nick Arnold, Scholastic Children's Books : London

"Brain Surgery for Beginners and Other Major Operations For Minors" 1993 Steve Parker, Simon & Shuster Young Books : Hempstead, UK.

"101 Questions Your BRAIN Has Asked About Itself But Couldn't Answer … Until Now" 1998  Faith Hickman Brynie, The Millbrook Press : Connecticut, USA.

"Poke & Look Learning Books: Look Inside Your Brain" 1998 H. Alexander, Grosset & Dunlap : USA.

"The Brain" 1997 Seymour Simon, Mulberry Books : NY, USA.

"The Brain Pack" 1998 Ron Van Der Meer and Ad Dudink, Van Der Meer Publishers : Berkshire, UK.

"Understanding Your Brain. Lifting the Lid on What's Inside Your Head" 1995 Rebecca Treays, Usborne Publishing Ltd : USA.

"What's The Big Idea: The Mind? The Essential Guide to What Goes on in Your Head" 1996 Nicola Barber, Hodder Children's Books :  London, UK.

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Books For Children about Acquired Brain Injury

"After A Head Injury" 1995 G. Banks, Gore & Osment Publications : NSW, Australia.

"Coma Boy and Superwoman: Two kids with brain injuries beat the odds - their true stories" 1998 M. Backhouse, Montrose Society : Brisbane, Australia.

"My Dad's had a Head Injury" n.d. Katie Field, Headway UK : Nottingham, UK.

"My Mum had a Stroke " 2001 Jenny Tunstall, Griffith University, Neuropsychology Unit : Brisbane, Australia.

"Susan's Dad: A Child's Story of Head Injury: 1988 Leif E. Leaf,  Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Group : Emeryville, CA

"When a Parent Has a Brain Injury: Sons and Daughters Speak Out" 1993 M. Lash, Massachusetts Head Injury Association : Worcester, MA

"Why Did it Happen on a School Day? My Family's Experience with Brain Injury" 1995 Brain Injury Association of Maryland : Washington DC.

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