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The STEPS Program aims to build and sustain support for adults with brain injury, and their families and friends across Queensland. The goal of the STEPS Skills Program is to connect people together and foster a sense of strength and ability.

Once people get to know each other in the STEPS Skills Program, they are given the opportunity to maintain contact with each other after the 6-week program has ended.  This is discussed in Week 5 of the Skills Program.  If the group decides they do want to continue meeting in the future, this is called a STEPS Network Group.  They will need to meet again to discuss exactly how this might work.  Each group is individual, so what works for one group may not make sense for another. Group members decide how they want their group to run in their local community. Different ideas include: 

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  • Meeting weekly, or fortnightly, or monthly
  • Strictly social meetings, e.g. picnics, coffee shop, doing an activity together
  • Meetings to discuss a certain topic together as a group, e.g. ideas for helping with memory problems, how to work around difficulties in the community
  • Meetings to learn more about what services are available locally.  This might mean sharing information amongst the group, and might also include guest speakers from a particular service, e.g. Public Trustee
  • Meetings to address issues of local interest, e.g. lack of disabled parking spaces

The STEPS Leader will have a key role working with the group to decide on its future.  This role is discussed in the STEPS Skills Program Leader Training.  STEPS staff will continue to support the STEPS Leader throughout this phase.  Again, this will be tailored to individuals' needs.

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Last updated: 16 March 2017