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About Brain Crew

Brain Crew is an educational program developed by the Acquired Brain Injury
Outreach Service (ABIOS) for children who have an adult relative who has an
Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Brain Crew aims to help children to understand a little
more about how the Brain works and also understand how an injury to the brain may
affect how the brain works. Brain Crew also aims to help children to develop strategies
of how to cope with living with a relative who has an ABI and, when run as a group, to
develop a peer support network of children who have had similar experiences.

 brain crew logo artwork

When run as a group, Brain Crew groups are deliberately kept small in size to ensure that all involved children get the opportunity to participate fully in all the activities. Brain Crew sessions are flexible and have also been adapted to be run individually in one on one situations. The sessions aim to be fun with opportunities for interactive, practical, "hands on" experiences. The sessions are suitable for all school aged children aged from 6 to 16.

Program Content

Chapter One:  The Brain
An introduction to how the Brain Works and "What is Brain Injury?"

Chapter Two: Physical Changes and Effects
Children have a 'hands on' experience of physical changes that can be caused by Brain injury.

Chapter Three: Cognitive Changes and Effects
Children have a 'hands on' experience of the changes in thinking skills that can be caused by Brain Injury.

Chapter Four: Behavioural Changes and Effects
Children will have a 'hands on' experience with possible changes in the way someone may act following a Brain Injury.

Chapter Five: Problem Solving and Coping Strategies
Children will talk about the ways they cope and share possible problem solving strategies through interactive activities.

Chapter Six: Review
Children will review what they have learnt and celebrate the hard work they have put in to the group.

How Can My Child Access Brain Crew Resources?

Contact your ABIOS Rehabilitation Coordinator or the ABIOS office by phone, fax or email to find out more about the program and to arrange a separate appointment for the purpose of providing Brain Injury education to your child or children.

Remote, Interstate or International
Copies of the complete Brain Crew group or individual program are also available for sale by completing Brain Crew CD package Order Form and contacting the ABIOS office via email or by phone (07) 3406 2311. The program contains a facilitator's manual, child's work book, parent's information booklet, and support persons manual plus copies of all artwork used in posters and activities throughout the sessions.

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Last updated: 12 July 2022