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Families Experiences after ABI

If you are a relative or friend of an Adult with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) the following ABIOS factsheets cover specific areas of family experience in more detail and offer some strategies to cope with these experiences.

My Child has had an ABI (pdf, 305kb)

My Partner has had an ABI (pdf, 314kb)

My Sibling has had an ABI (pdf, 319kb)

 family on a beach together

My Friend or extended family member has had an ABI (pdf, 317kb)

I know a young child who has a parent or other adult relative with an ABI (pdf, 350kb)

Other Helpful Links for Support for Families after ABI:

Support Workers or Service Providers supporting families:

If you are a Support Worker or Service Provider supporting a client with ABI and their family the following fact sheets may assist you in your support of the family of your client with an ABI:

Understanding Family Issues after an ABI (pdf, 338kb)

Tips for working with Families (pdf, 376kb)

Boundaries in Support Work (pdf, 300kb)

If you have a Young Child with an Acquired Brain Injury please try the following Links for more information:

Return to Support for Families

Contact ABIOS

Last updated: 12 July 2022