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Behaviour Management Resources for Professionals


There are many community services working with people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and their family, friends or carers. Individuals with ABI may access employment, accommodation, respite, recreational or social activities and services in the community. The following resources are aimed to provide basic information to these services. The information sheets on this page aim to:

  • Increase understanding regarding the needs of people with Acquried Brain Injury and the needs of family, friends and carers
  • Increase understanding of some of the key cognitive, behavioural, personality and other changes that affect a person following an Acquired Brain Injury
  • Provide practical and useful information and ideas for management, prevention and coping with complex and challenging behaviour
  • Give you ideas for where you can go for further information, support or advice.
              people in a training session

Further information and advice can also be obtained by contacting ABIOS directly or seeking other professional advice.

Brain functions and changes in behaviour   (pdf, 72kb)
Understanding behaviour changes   (pdf, 67kb)
Understanding behaviour - What questions to ask   (pdf, 209kb)
Behaviour Intervention: The ABC of behaviour   (pdf, 92kb)
Behaviour intervention techniques   (pdf, 76kb)
Positive ways to manage behaviour   (pdf, 82kb)
Giving feedback about behaviour   (pdf, 71kb)
Frequently asked questions about behaviour  (pdf, 72kb)
Cognitive and behavioural changes and strategies   (pdf, 99kb)
Impulsive Behaviour      (pdf, 150kb)
Understanding insight and self awareness after brain injury   (pdf, 75kb)
Understanding Adynamia and Lack of Motivation    (pdf, 81kb)
Understanding emotional lability   (pdf, 72kb)
Understanding Acquired Brain Injury - How to respond to angry behaviour   (pdf, 78kb)
How to Build Good Boundaries in Support Work     (pdf, 143kb)
Understanding Family Issues after an Acquired Brain Injury     (pdf, 80kb)
Tips for Working with Families     (pdf, 74kb)

Contact ABIOS

Last updated: 8 October 2013