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Behaviour Management Resources for People with an Acquired Brain Injury


 If you have an acquired brain injury the following resources may assist you to:
  • Increase your understanding of how brain injury might change personality and behaviour
  • Increase skills and ideas for living with changes in thinking, personality or behaviour.  Not all of these changes will apply to you or your situation.
  • Provide information for your family, friends or services that you are working with
  • Give you ideas for where you can go for further information, support or advice.
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Brain functions and changes in behaviour   (pdf, 71kb)
Memory and learning after brain injury    (pdf, 85kb)
Cognitive and behavioural changes and strategies    (pdf, 108kb)
Attention and Concentration after brain injury     (pdf, 75kb)
Impulsive Behaviour following Brain Injury     (pdf, 142kb)
Learning to manage anger    (pdf, 97kb)
Coping with fatigue    (pdf, 70kb)
Getting a good nights sleep after Acquired Brain Injury    (pdf, 79kb)


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Last updated: 8 October 2013