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Southern Queensland Aboriginal Community Service Development Project


Establishment and evaluation of a service development initiative for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in one regional community

ABIOS referral data indicates an under- representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with ABI, despite epidemiological data indicating a higher incidence of ABI among Aboriginal people

Recognised that more appropriate service models needed to enhance service provision and access in Aboriginal communities

Individuals with ABI, families, community service providers and community members in one regional community

Key Features
In 2002, ABIOS conducted number of regional and remote visits to Aboriginal communities to provide ABI education, training and consultancy

The aim of these visits was to identify needs related to brain injury, how ABIOS could respond to these needs and develop some service and practice guidelines for working with Aboriginal communities

Regular visits to a Southern Queensland Aboriginal community was facilitated by networking with local community members and learning from community development documents about this community and its plans for self-determination

Internally funded by ABIOS

Research/Evaluation Strategies
Evaluation multimodal in nature with specific emphasis placed on outcomes that resulted in increased community requests for involvement and participation from ABIOS  (e.g. number of invited visits or invitations to participate in community events)

Written and verbal feedback on specific training sessions and ABIOS involvement in this community
Receipt of individual referrals to ABIOS

Outputs and Outcomes
Training about ABI to different community agencies and groups as well as schools within this community

Integration of ABIOS into the primary health care model offered within this community

Invited inclusion in a health day in the park 

Introduction of Brain Crew resources into schools

There are no publications related to this project

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Last updated: 24 April 2021