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Memory Skills Program

Memory impairment is a recognised issue for people with acquired brain injury that can have significant impacts on their life in the community.
Memory skill development is currently underemphasised in community settings.

There is currently little evidence to guide service enhancements for improving memory skills in community ABI rehabilitation

Individuals with ABI

Key Features
The study was a small pilot of a previously validated memory program. The program was previously validated in an inpatient setting. This study aimed to explore its feasibility and utility within a community ABI rehabilitation setting.

This project is internally funded by ABIOS.

Research / Evaluation Strategies
Pre-post memory assessment
Implementation of the memory skills program

Completion of the project with 4 participants using 2 facilitators. Three out of 4 participants demonstrated improvement on memory assessments with reduced maintenance of gains at 2 weeks post program.

There is no ongoing incorporation of the findings into service planning

There are no publications for this project to date.

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Last updated: 7 September 2017