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Transition from Slow Stream Rehabilitation Project

Case study research exploring the transition from slow stream rehabilitation to community living.

Meeting the varied community living needs of people with ABI who have lived in residential or slow stream rehabilitation for long periods of times presents financial and practical challenges in the discharge process.

Need to understand processes and outcomes for people being discharged to the community.

People with ABI, families and service providers involved in transition from slow stream rehabilitation to community.

Key features
Identifying processes and outcomes associated with discharging people from slow stream rehabilitation to the community.

Informing 'discharge processes' and development of recommendations to policy and practice.

Internally funded by ABIOS

Research/Evaluation Strategies
Case study approach looking at barriers and facilitators to transition

Outputs and Outcomes
Clinical quality improvements at a service level

There are no publications to date for this project

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Last updated: 7 September 2017