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STEPS Skills Program Local Community Activity

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Because the STEPS Skills Program aims to improve community living for people with brain injury, an important part of the Program is direct, practical experience in planning and enjoying a community activity as a group. From Week 2, the group begins planning for the final group session Break-Up Activity, which is in Week 6.  The laminated STEPS Action Planner (pdf, 197kb) provides a framework for the group to follow each week to track their progress towards their goal of a community Group Break-Up Activity. The group begins by choosing an activity, using the list below as a guide for ideas. Then, each week, the group decides what tasks need to be done to plan for the activity.  There are usually some group tasks and some individual tasks to be done each week.

Example Activities We Could Do as a Group

  • Lunch
  • Picnic in the park
  • Themed morning tea, e.g. funny hats
  • Fashion parade
  • Cent auction
  • Games morning, e.g. chess
  • Sports morning, e.g. indoor bowls
  • Card games
  • Theatre / Play
  • Musical performances
  • Recitals, e.g. jokes, poems
  • Other  - What are your ideas?
 a group of people having a picnic in a park 

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Last updated: 17 March 2017