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Monthly Activity Collection

What is MAC?

The Monthly Activity Collection (MAC) collects aggregate (or summary level) data on ‘Admitted’ and ‘Non-admittedpatient activity and ‘Bed Availability’.

This data are submitted monthly to the Department of Health by the relevant reporting entities at different levels of the Queensland public hospital system. This includes public acute hospitals, public psychiatric hospitals and public nursing homes/hostels/ independent living units and multi-purpose health services, HHS or State.  Whilst data are primarily reported to comply with State and Commonwealth Government reporting requirements, there are additional benefits of the availability of this data including informing cost modelling, funding, research and local business management. Data are submitted by the reporting entity to the Statistical Collections and Integration (SCI), Statistical Services Branch (SSB) of the Department of Health each month via a number of forms where it is prepared for reporting purposes.

MAC Manual

Reference yearTitle



2019-2020Monthly Activity Collection (MAC) ManualPDF815KB
 Required Forms by Facility and Primary Data Sources for Non-Admitted Patient ReportingXLSX71KB
2018-2019 Monthly Activity Collection (MAC) Manual PDF 806KB
 Required Forms by Facility PDF 166KB
2017-2018 Monthly Activity Collection (MAC) Manual PDF 917KB
 Required Forms by Facility PDF 136KB
2016-2017 Monthly Activity Collection (MAC) Manual PDF 1.2MB
 MAC Clinic Mapping Table PDF 432KB
 Required Forms by Facility PDF 124KB
2015-2016 Monthly Activity Collection Manual PDF 1.03MB
 MAC Clinic Mapping Table PDF 408KB
2014-2015Required Forms by Facility PDF 152 KB

Previous manuals can be found in the Data collection manuals archive.


Reference yearTitle



2019-2020Admitted Patient Activity FormXLS51KB
 Bed FormXLS46KB
 Clinic FormXLS168KB
 Diagnostics and Procedures FormXLS208KB
 Emergency ServicesXLS82KB
 Group FormXLS264KB
 Group Telehealth Provider FormXLS186KB
 Group Telehealth Receiver FormXLS236KB
 IHPA Exclusions FormXLS194KB
 Mental Health Bed FormXLS30KB
 Multi-purpose Health Service FormXLS37KB
 Nursing Home FormXLS37KB
 Pathology FormXLS28KB
 Residential Mental Health CareXLS55KB
 Telehealth Provider FormXLS247KB
 Telehealth Receiver FormXLS244KB
 Urology FormXLS75KB
2018-2019 Admitted Patient Activity Form XLS 51KB
 Bed Form XLS 46KB
 Clinic Form XLS 137KB
 Diagnostics and Procedures Form XLS 173KB
 Emergency Services XLS 82KB
 Group FormXLS 191KB
 Group Telehealth Provider Form XLS 186KB
 Group Telehealth Receiver Form XLS 186KB
 IHPA Exclusions Form XLS 166KB
 Mental Health Bed Form XLS 34KB
 Multi-purpose Health Service Form XLS 37KB
 Nursing Home Form XLS 37KB
 Pathology Form XLS 34KB
 Residential Mental Health Care XLS 55KB
 Telehealth Provider Form XLS 182KB
 Telehealth Receiver Form XLS 247KB
 Urology Form XLS 75KB
2017-2018 Admitted Patient Activity Form XLS 48KB
 Bed Form XLS 45KB
 Clinic Form XLS 165KB
 Diagnostics and Procedures Form XLS 210KB
 Emergency Services Form XLS 82KB
 Group Form XLS 263KB
 Group Telehealth Provider Form XLS 232KB
 Group Telehealth Receiver Form XLS 232KB
 IHPA Exclusions Form XLS 194KB
 Mental Health Bed Form XLS 34KB
 Multi-purpose Health Service Form XLS 37KB
 Nursing Home Form XLS 37KB
 Pathology Form XLS 34KB
 Telehealth Provider Form XLS 251KB
 Telehealth Receiver Form XLS 243KB
 Urology Form XLS 232KB
2016-2017 Admitted Patient Activity Form XLS 49KB
 Bed Form XLS 41KB
 Clinic Form XLS 169KB
 Diagnostics and Procedures Form XLS 210KB
 Emergency Services Form XLS 77KB
 Group Form XLS 264KB
 Group Telehealth Provider Form XLS 239KB
 Group Telehealth Receiver Form XLS 259KB
 Multi-purpose Health Service Form XLS 37KB
 Nursing Home Form XLS 37KB
 Pathology Form XLS 25KB
 Telehealth Provider Form XLS 259KB
 Telehealth Receiver Form XLS 253KB
2015-2016 Admitted Patient Activity Form XLS 49KB
2015-2016Bed FormXLS41KB
2015-2016Clinic FormXLS169KB
2015-2016Diagnostics and Procedures FormXLS210KB
2015-2016Emergency Services FormXLS77KB
2015-2016Group FormXLS264KB
2015-2016Group Telehealth Provider FormXLS239KB
2015-2016Group Teleehealth Receiver FormXLS243KB
2015-2016Multi-purpose Health Service FormXLS37KB
2015-2016Nursing Home FormXLS37KB
 Pathology FormXLS25KB
2015-2016Telehealth Provider FormXLS259KB
2015-2016Telehealth Receiver FormXLS253KB
2014-2015 Admitted Patient Activity FormXLS49KB
2014-2015Bed FormXLS44KB
2014-2015Clinic FormXLS168KB
2014-2015DIagnostics and Procedures FormXLS112KB
2014-2015Emergency Services FormXLS130KB
2014-2015Group FormXLS130KB
2014-2015Group Telehealth Provider FormXLS162KB
2014-2015Group Telehealth Receiver FormXLS163KB
2014-2015Multi-purpose Health Service FormXLS37KB
2014-2015Nursing Home FormXLS37KB
2014-2015Telehealth Provider FormXLS143KB
2014-2015Telehealth Receiver FormXLS144KB


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Last updated: 4 March 2016