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Data collections available for linkage

This page provides details of datasets that have been linked as part of the SSB Master Linkage File (MLF) or those commonly requested for departmental or research linkage requests. This is not an exhaustive list of health data collections available in Queensland. For advice about these datasets, approval processes or the suitability of data collections for linkage, contact For information about the availability of other data collections in Queensland Health, please check the Queensland Department of Health and HHS Data Custodian contact list for relevant contacts.

Datasets and availability (updated December 2022)

Collection titleData available from(a) How soon after the event are data available for research purposes?(b)
Birth Notifications (Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages) 1 January 2017 3 months
Birth Registrations (Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages) 1 July 2007 3 months
Cause of Death Unit Record File (Australian Coordinating Registry)(c) 1 January 2000 2-3 years
Consumer Integrated Mental Health and Addiction (CIMHA) 1 January 2010 3 months
Death Registrations (Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages) 1 January 2000 3 months
Elective Surgery Data Collection (ESDC) 1 July 2015 3 months
Emergency Data Collection (EDC) 1 July 2008 3 months
Notifiable Conditions System (NoCS) 1 January 2010 Available to 30 May 2021(e)
Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) 1 December 2015 6 months
Queensland Health Non-admitted Patient Data Collection (QHNAPDC) 1 July 2016 12 months after financial year
Queensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC)(d)  1 January 2000 6 months
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (PDC)(d) 1 July 2007 12-18 months
Retrieval Services Queensland 1 August 2004 3 months
Road Crash Data (Department of Transport and Main Roads)1 January 20103 months
Specialist Outpatient Data Collection 1 June 2015 3 months
Surgery Connect 19 September 2007 3 months

(a) This refers to the earliest consistent data available. Where possible, linkage output contains all available records. Please note that all data are released at the discretion of the relevant data custodian.
(b) This is an approximate time frame indicating the availability of complete and validated data suitable for research purposes. The MLF contains the latest available data but records may be subject to change as part of the standard data collection and validation process which is outside of the control of the linkage team. Data yet to be validated may be available for internal departmental use.
(c) Cause of Death Unit Record File is not included in the MLF but is available as part of linked data output.
(d) Names and addresses for private facility and perinatal data were not supplied to the central data collection prior to 1 July 2007 so the quality of the linkage for these patients is questionable prior to this date and may result in bias in analysis undertaken using data from the period prior to 1 July 2007. For example, readmission rates for private hospitals may appear lower than for public hospitals due to failure to link data for private patients. For this reason, the MLF does not include data prior to 1 July 2007.
(e) The Statistical Services Branch is working towards providing updated linked NoCS data in the MLF.  We do not have a date when the updated data may be available.

Linkage of other data collections

The Statistical Services Branch in Queensland Health can link other datasets (not listed above) with approval of the relevant data custodian and if appropriate identifiers are available for linkage. For example, data sets from iPharmacy, Pap Smear Registry, Queensland Cancer Register and the National Hospital Cost Data Collection have previously been linked for approved research projects. Datasets that are external to Queensland Health will also be considered. Questions about the feasibility of data linkage should be directed to

Commonly requested data collections

Master Linkage File - Information sheet (PDF)

Statistical Services Branch Data Collection Manuals

Last updated: 5 April 2023