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Queensland Health Non-Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHNAPDC)

What is the QHNAPDC?

The Queensland Health Non-admitted Patient Data Collection (QHNAPDC) is a collection of patient-level non-admitted outpatient activity (service events) reported by the various ‘reporting entities’ of the three different levels of Queensland’s public hospital system (hospitals, Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) and the State). It was established in July 2016 and is managed by the Statistical Services Branch (SSB) of Queensland Health.

The NAP data are reported monthly.  Each monthly data submission includes records from the beginning of the financial year to the end of the reporting month. This allows for information from previous months in a financial year to be updated by HHSs if required.

The reported NAP data are subject to a range of basic and more detailed data quality checks by SSB to ensure compliance with State, and Commonwealth Government reporting requirements for both the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA).

QHNAPDC Manual and Supporting Documents

Reference yearTitle



2020-2021QHNAPDC ManualPDF858KB
 QHNAPDC ValidationsPDF841KB
 QHNAPDC Business RulesXLSX453KB
2019-2020 QHNAPDC Manual PDF 374KB
 QHNAPDC Validations PDF 410KB
2018-2019 QHNAPDC Manual PDF 819KB
2017-2018 QHNAPDC Manual PDF 580KB
2016-2017 QHNAPDC Manual PDF 1.3MB
 QHNAPDC Business Rules PDF 267KB
 QHNAPDC Validations PDF 84KB
2015-2016 QHNAPDC Manual PDF 665KB
2015-2016 QHNAPDC DSS Guide PDF 372KB

QHNAPDC File Format

Reference yearTitle



2020-2021QHNAPDC File FormatPDF160KB
2019-2020 QHNAPDC File Format PDF 165KB
2018-2019 QHNAPDC File Format PDF 159KB
2017-2018 QHNAPDC Data Elements PDF 511KB
2017-2018 QHNAPDC File Format PDF 209KB
2016-2017 QHNAPDC Data Elements PDF 499KB
2016-2017 QHNAPDC File Format PDF 127KB
2015-2016 QHNAPDC Data Elements




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Last updated: 2 March 2016