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How long will this research request take?

In the Statistical Services Branch (SSB), many factors impact on how long it takes to process a research application and complete the requested data linkage such as:

  • The application is incomplete and/or does not provide an accurate description of the data required;
  • The number of datasets involved in the linkage and if they are present in the Master Linkage File;
  • The number of other linkage requests that require the attention of the SSB Linkage Team;
  • The data quality of external datasets and how long it takes for them to be provided to SSB for linkage.

For a more detailed explanation see Factors Associated with Time Taken to Complete a Linkage Request.  If you would like more information about research requests or a proforma for applications under the Public Health Act 2005 (PHA), see How to access data from the SSB for your research project.

Example timeframes

The following timeframes are examples of previous research requests that were submitted to the SSB and involved data linkage. These examples illustrate the application and linkage process, and the factors that may impact on the time frame.  Each request is unique.  The following are examples only.

Last updated: 9 September 2019