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Queensland Health teams up with Little Leagies to get kids active

Friday 17 February 2017

NRL veteran Scott Prince
NRL veteran and Little Leagies coach Scott Prince.

Queensland Health has launched an exciting partnership with Little Leagies, providing $165,000 sponsorship to continue their work in creating a culture of fitness for children.

Little Leagies is a fun, non-contact rugby league and touch football development program designed specifically for children aged two to six.

The program is a series of clinics run by former NRL stars Scott Prince, Ashley Harrison and Luke O’Dwyer that teach children hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills, as well as promotes regular physical activity for young children.

As an elite athlete, Little Leagies co-founder Scott Prince knows how important physical activity is and wants to ensure young Queenslanders understand how vital healthy living is.

“Over the years I’ve been doing this we’ve introduced thousands of youngsters to the game and given them the benefits that go with it,” Mr Prince said.

“In addition to the obvious health and physical benefits, Little Leagies provides kids with important social skills and promotes teamwork which will help them right the way through their lives.”

Regular physical activity is important for the healthy growth and development of everyone, especially toddlers and children. In 2016, an estimated 59,000 Queensland children were obese and 158,000 were overweight.

Enjoying physical activity at a young age helps establish good habits for physical activity later in life.

It also supports brain development and musculoskeletal health; encourages self-confidence, independence and social skills; and helps improve balance, coordination and spatial awareness.

The Australian guidelines for physical activity recommend young children aged one to five years be physically active every day for at least three hours, spread throughout the day.

For more information about Little Leagies or to enrol your child in the program, visit the Little Leagies website, or follow Little Leagies on Twitter or Facebook.

Luke O'Dwyer, Scott Prince.and Ashley Harrison

Pictured (L-R): Luke O'Dwyer, Scott Prince and Ashley Harrison, co-founders of Little Leagies

Last updated: 23 August 2017