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Keep Emergency for emergencies

The Keep Emergency for emergencies campaign was launched to promote appropriate use of Emergency Departments (EDs) and raise awareness of alternative options.

The issue

In 2018, there were 1,920,366 ED presentations in Queensland. Approximately 31% of these were classed as ‘GP-type’ presentations.

GP-type presentations are defined as presentations that were allocated a triage Category 4 or Category 5, did not arrive by ambulance or police or correctional vehicle, and were not admitted to the hospital, not referred to another hospital, or did not die. Some of the less urgent Category 5 presentations included medical certificate requests, repeat prescription requests, sprains and strains.

Unnecessary presentations to Queensland EDs are contributing to unprecedented demand on the health system and can potentially reduce access to emergency care for those who need it most.

The campaign

The Keep Emergency for emergencies campaign was first launched in 2014 to remind Queenslanders that EDs are for medical emergencies only, while raising awareness of the 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) number to assist Queenslanders with the decision on whether to go to a GP, pharmacy or ED.

The fourth wave of the statewide campaign is in market from 27 May to 30 June 2019 and will be carried across television, newspaper and digital channels.

Target audience

Queensland adults aged 18+

Campaign resources


TVC 30-sec

TVC 30-sec

Voice over:  
Doctor: Clippers!
Doctor: No, nail clippers.
BLOKE: Thanks Doc - That ingrown toenail’s really been bugging me.

Doctor 2:  Clear!
Doctor 2: Clear her nose, it’s all blocked up.
Doctor 3: Pad! Nurse: (Holding up resuscitation paddles) Paddles?
Doctor 3: No – prescription pad.

Voice over: Emergency Departments are here for one thing only – medical emergencies. Call One Three HEALTH for more information.

Authorised by the Queensland Government Brisbane.

TVC 15-sec

TVC 15 sec

  • Voice over: MUSIC/ATMOS
    Doctor:  Clear!
    Doctor: Her nose! Clear her nose, it’s all blocked up.
  • Voice over: Please don’t block up  Emergency Departments with non-emergencies. Call 13 HEALTH and a registered nurse will help you work out where to go.
  • Authorised by the Queensland Government Brisbane.

Additional campaign assets

More campaign assets are available for download.

Last updated: 26 July 2019