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Data linkage resources

Commonly requested data items
Includes lists of commonly requested data items and collection manuals (where applicable)
Data Custodian contact list (Queensland Health)
How to access data from Statistical Services Branch for research purposes
How do I request changes or amendment to my PHA

I have an approved PHA and would like to make a change to the previously requested data

Data Linkage Training Resources
Data Quality Statements
Frequently Asked Questions (Linkage)
Statistical Services Branch Data Collections
Statistical Services Branch Data Linkage Symposium
Statistical Services Branch email for Research
Health Innovation, Investment and Research Office
PHA application form
Queensland Data Linkage Framework (PDF, 315kB)
Queensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection manual
ICD versions by year - Queensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection manual
Statistical Information Requests to Queensland Health (decision tree)
Technical reports regarding some of the data quality issues to be aware of when analysing and interpreting Queensland administrative data collections

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Last updated: 5 January 2017