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MASS-eApply (online applications) Troubleshooting

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  • This is most likely due to your administrator being absent, no longer employed there or they haven’t gotten around to approving it.

    The MASS-eApply team can verify the administrator for you to contact and change the role if the person is no longer at your organisation.

  • Your username and email address may be different, this issue happens if an email address is entered instead of your username. If you are unable to remember your username please contact the MASS-eApply team to verify your details.

    Accounts are locked after multiple incorrect password entries, you may have tried to reset the password after the account was locked. Please contact the MASS-eApply team to unlock your account.

  • If you have locked yourself out due to entering an incorrect password, please contact the MASS-eApply team and a reset email will be sent to your registered email address.

    Please note due to our client privacy requirements, accounts may be locked after 90 days of inactivity. Please contact the MASS-eApply team to unlock your account.

    If your account was locked for other reasons e.g. long-term absence, please contact MASS for reinstatement of the account. MASS may require verification from your employer to reinstate your access. Please note, if your organisation group was closed you may have to register again.

  • This is most likely due to:

    • Incorrect data was previously provided to MASS
    • Incorrect data was entered into the MASS database
    • The applicant has changed their name since the last application
    • The applicant has changed concession card type since their last application. Please note applicants may use different eligibility cards in other service areas
    • The applicant search has timed out, try again later or a different browser.

    Troubleshooting tips:

    • Try different concession card details
    • Try using the applicant’s unique reference number (URN/B number)
    • If the applicant's name is hyphenated, try removing the hyphen or using a space
    • Contact the contact the service area directly.
  • You will need to start a new application as the application has been linked to the MASS record you loaded. Please do not overwrite the incorrect applicant’s details to match the correct applicant's details.

    Please contact the MASS-eApply team with the application number to have the application deleted.

  • The initial applicant search checks against MASS's card details, this is not a guarantee of eligibility.

  • Searching will look across all MASS services - it may take a moment as it cross references 500,000+ applicant records in the MASS database.

  • No, the application will have to wait as MASS cannot process the application until the applicant is proved to eligible.

    The applicant can use an alternative concession card, if applicable.

  • Please email the MASS-eApply team with a copy of the attachments, the form you are completing and the application ID number (or applicant name).

  • You will need to convert it to a PDF file type to attach it on MASS-eApply. To do this:

    1. Right click on FAT12
    2. From drop-down menu choose PRINT
    3. Click save to file
    4. On FORMAT– click drop-down menu and choose Adobe PDF
    5. Click yellow folder image
    6. Choose document
    7. Name the file (e.g. SMITHJohnFat12)
  • Stretch pants are only available with non-adhesive pads.

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Last updated: 10 November 2022