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MASS-eApply online applications

MASS-eApply is an online system designed to provide greater versatility to Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) clients and prescribers who want the flexibility to make an application request from any location.

MASS-eApply gives you the freedom to submit electronic applications wherever you might be; it is designed to work across multiple platforms i.e. via computer/laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone and across all MASS service areas.

Register to use MASS-eApply or Login to MASS-eApply

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    • Existing MASS client data can be auto populated into an application by using the applicant search.
    • In future applications an update is only required if the auto-populated information has changed e.g. different address, phone number etc.
    • Immediate confirmation of administrative eligibility with a live check for Centrelink and Health Care Card holders.
    • After submitting your first application, your information such as your name, profession, contact details will auto populate in applications.
    • Linked product lists to the current SOAs.
    • Receive a PDF copy of the application for your records after you submit the application.
  • MASS-eApply runs through your internet browser and is available across multiple devices.

    It has been tested to work on the following:

    • Windows 7, 8, and 10: Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Chrome
    • OSX (High Sierra): Safari, Firefox, Chrome
    • iOS 10+: Safari, Chrome
    • Android: Chrome, Firefox.
  • Allied Health Professionals currently submitting MASS applications in the following categories are able to register with MASS-eApply:

    • Communication Aids
    • Continence Aids
    • Cystic Fibrosis Program
    • Daily Living and Mobility Aids
    • HMEs and Laryngectomy Consumables
    • Oxygen
    • Palliative Care Equipment Program
    • Palliative Care Syringe Driver Program
    • Queensland Artificial Limb Service (QALS)
    • Spectacle Supply Scheme
    1. You will need to complete a registration form found in the form vault.
      1. Allied health professionals prescribing and administration/non-medical staff in the following categories, use the Prescriber Registration Form
      2. If you a manufacturer/supplier for prosthetic limbs, use Registration – QALS, Orthoses and Medical Grade footwear
    2. Once your form has been selected click “Start”.
    3. Read the description and click “Start”.
    4. Select “I want to join an existing organisation” or “I want to register a new organisation”
      1. Joining an existing organisation:
        1. Start typing your organisation name in the drop-down menu. It will wild card the results – ensure you try any abbreviations and the full spelling.
        2. Select organisation.
        3. Select an approver for this registration. If the person listed no longer works at your facility, or there are no results please contact the MASS-eApply team.
        4. Click “next” and go to step 5.
      2. I want to register a new organisation:
        1. Enter a new organisation name and department or location. Note that MASS cannot accept organisation names that duplicate existing organisations/are too similar or are too broad.
        2. Enter the organisation details
        3. Select the Aids/Equipment to be prescribed by members of the organisation
        4. Select if you are or are not the line manager or director, or if you are a sole practitioner/business owner. If you are not the line manager or director, enter their details in.
        5. Click “next”.
    5. Enter your personal details
    6. Enter your username. Please note this must be unique.
    7. Enter your email address and confirm
    8. Click “next”.
    9. Declaration – please read and confirm the terms and conditions of MASS-eApply.
    10. Click “Submit” to submit application.
    11. Approval:
      1. If you are joining an organisation, your approver (organisation administrator) will need to approve your account.
      2. If you have created a new organisation, your registration will go to MASS for approval. MASS will approve your account within 1-2 business days.
      3. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email and an email from iApply Security with a hyperlink to setup your password, which will verify your account - If your hyperlink expires or you require any assistance please contact
  • A MASS-eApply Organisation is a single user or group, of prescribers or suppliers and administration staff who work together, such as a department in a hospital or a private provider’s practice.

    As part of your registration you can create or join an existing organisation. Organisations on MASS-eApply can contain an individual or group of prescribers or suppliers and administration staff who work together, such as a department in a hospital or a private practice. Organisations should be registered at the local/ward level to remain manageable for the users. All users should create their own user account to join the organisation.

    As a member of an organisation, you can view and complete applications as a team. This allows handover during employee absences and for different team members to complete a form, for example, an administration staff member can start the application and complete the applicant’s personal details and the application can then be completed and submitted by a clinician.


    • An organisation can consist of only one person.
    • There is no limit to how many users can be added to an organisation.
    • A unit or a ward have more than one organisation associated with it, for example a Rehabilitation Unit could create an organisation for Mobility Equipment prescribers and another organisation for Continence Product prescribers.
    • Do make distinctive organisation names so that new users can select the right one.
    • Submission of the application must be done via the user account of a recognised MASS prescriber, e.g. a physiotherapist.
    • If you need to update/change the name of your organisation, contact the MASS-eApply team.  Changes to other details such as the phone number will change when users submit new applications.
  • An organisation administrator, is also known as the "approver", "super-user" or "local administrator".

    • By default the first person to register for an organisation will become the administrator, the administrator will approve new users into the organisation. While the organisation administrator can be changed by MASS it’s easier to select who will be the administrator and have them register first.
    • You can have multiple administrators in the group.
    • If the organisation administrator does not verify their account within 30 days, the organisation may be closed and treated as abandoned.
    • The organisation administrator does not have access to unlock accounts, reset other user's passwords or provide technical support.
  • Contact MASS-eApply to re-assign the role to another registered user.

  • Processing a Registration Request:

    New users will need to complete a registration form on

    Once they've submitted their registration, the organisation administrator selected in the registration form will receive an email subjected "[Their name] wishes to join your organisation" with a copy of their registration form.

    If you are the organisation administrator:

    1. Log in to MASS-eApply
    2. Navigate to the dashboard
    3. Your dashboard will have a reference to the pending application under “Assigned to Me”.
    4. Click on the registration application ID to open the form.
    5. Check their details are accurate and that the person does work in your organisation.
    6. You are able to correct/update any details as required.
    7. Use the "next" buttons to navigate through the pages.
    8. Choose "Approve" or "Reject"
    9. If you are rejecting the application, it will allow you select a reason.
    10. Click apply changes to confirm the approval or rejection.
    11. They will then receive a confirmation email, and an email to set up their password.

    Removing a user from your organisation:

    Contact the MASS-eApply team to have their account locked. Their applications will remain with the organisation.

    Moving a user from or to another organisation:

    User accounts cannot be moved from different organisations, they will need to complete a new registration form. Contact the MASS-eApply team to lock their existing account so they can use the same login credentials.

    To add, change or remove the organisation administrator:

    Contact the MASS-eApply team. The new administrator will need to register an account first so the role can be reassigned to them.

  • This is most likely due to your administrator being absent, no longer employed there or they haven’t gotten around to approving it.

    The MASS-eApply team can verify the administrator for you to contact and change the role if the person is no longer at your organisation.

  • If you have forgotten your username - Contact the MASS-eApply team.

    If you have forgotten your password - Due to privacy requirements your password is encrypted, you will need to reset your password if it is forgotten. You can do this by clicking the “Forgotten your password” link available in the login screen or by contacting the MASS-eApply team.

  • Change your username, display name or account email.

    Contact the MASS-eApply team.

    Changing your password

    You can do this by clicking the “Forgotten your password” link available in the login screen or by contacting the MASS-eApply team.

    Changing your account display name

    Forms will pre-fill fields to save time. If your details change, enter the new details in your application and the details associated with your account will be saved on the next submission of an application.

    Changing your organisation

    User accounts cannot be moved from different organisations, you will need to complete a new registration form to join your new organisation. Contact the MASS-eApply team to lock your existing account.

    Please note this includes changing departments within an organisation (e.g. if you've moved from one hospital to another hospital's department).

    Changing your organisation details

    If your organisation has changed names, contact the MASS-eApply team.

    If your organisation has changed other details, you can update these in the "prescriber details" page.*

    *For spectacles dispensers, contact the MASS-eApply team to update these for you.

  • Your username and email address may be different, this issue happens if an email address is entered instead of your username. If you are unable to remember your username please contact the MASS-eApply team to verify your details.

    Accounts are locked after multiple incorrect password entries, you may have tried to reset the password after the account was locked. Please contact the MASS-eApply team to unlock your account.

  • If you have locked yourself out due to entering an incorrect password, please contact the MASS-eApply team and a reset email will be sent to your registered email address.

    Please note due to our client privacy requirements, accounts may be locked after 90 days of inactivity. Please contact the MASS-eApply team to unlock your account.

    If your account was locked for other reasons e.g. long-term absence, please contact MASS for reinstatement of the account. MASS may require verification from your employer to reinstate your access or you may be required to register again if the organisation group was closed.

  • No, you will need to register two accounts with separate usernames.

  • The form vault is used to access application forms that are available on MASS-eApply. The left-side menu can be used to filter the categories of applications.

    Note: you can select a form that is not relevant to you, but you will need to enter your qualifications before submitting a form. Applications from an inappropriate discipline (for the application type) will be rejected by the system.

  • The dashboard contains forms you and members of your organisation have initiated, completed and submitted to MASS. Depending on what point in the workflow the application is at, it may be listed under Assigned to Me or Available Products. Applications all have a unique identifying number.

    The filter pane can be used to filter through application types to find specific applications. Please note that applications cannot be modified after it has been submitted.

    Each application has a status indicator for its current state where in the approval process the forms are at. Currently some of the statuses are referring to automatic exporting which is coming in a later stage of MASS-eApply.

    1. Applications can be started from the in the form vault.
    2. Click start button or the form icon. Note:
      • Your progress on an application can be saved using the next and “back” buttons.
      • The page must have all mandatory fields completed to save or progress to the next page.
      • You can continue applications through your dashboard by clicking on the application number – note it will open on the first page (welcome screen).
      • You are not required to complete the form in a linear order, as the left navigation menu can be used to switch between pages. Please note:
        • Some aspects of the form are based on previous answers, such as the applicant’s age and product availability, so jumping between pages may cause unexpected results.
        • The back and next buttons are used to save the content, if you exit out without using these buttons your answers may not be saved as part of the draft.
        • Contact the service area directly if you require information regarding eligibility, guidelines, funding levels or product availability.
    3. You will need to agree to a statement on applicant eligibility and acknowledgements on the welcome screen.
    4. Click start.
  • Applications save when moving page to page by pressing the "next" and "back" buttons, so you must complete a page and move to the next for it to be saved. You can continue the application by opening it in your dashboard.

    You can move between the pages using the left navigation menu. Do remember that some aspects of the form are based on previous answers, such as the applicant’s age, so jumping between pages may cause unexpected results.

  • This can be due to:

    • The item might be named differently
    • It may not be part of the SOA or it is listed under a different category - check other drop-down menus for equipment items or the SOA lists for details.
    • Option may not be selected
    • It may not be allowable under the guidelines

    Please contact the service area to confirm the details.

  • Clicking tick-boxes and logging in using your unique credentials are legally acceptable proof of identity/consent.

  • It is advisable to use the applicant search as the applicant may have a record already via another MASS service area. Searching will look across all MASS services - it may take a moment as it cross references 500,000+ applicant records in the MASS database. The search works by entering the below details and matching against our applicant records:

    • Applicant's name
    • Date of birth (Entered DD/MM/YYYY)
    • MASS Client Reference Number (B Number) OR Concession card type
    • Applicant’s MASS Reference Number (B number) OR Concession card number

    The applicant search retrieves the applicant's personal  such as their address and contact details. The preloaded details will not include a applicant's application history or eligibility information. Depending on the form you may be asked for additional information regarding the applicant’s assistive technology funding and living situation e.g. Home Care Packages.

    • For Centrelink numbers, please do not include “CRN” at the start.
    • For MASS Client Reference Number (B number) please ensure you enter the “B” at the start. Note:
    • If you do not search, or the applicant has no previous record with MASS you will need to manually enter the applicant's details.
    • A successful applicant search does not guarantee applicant eligibility to all MASS services.

    If the applicant has received MASS services in the past, but aren't coming up, this is most likely due to:

    • Incorrect data was previously provided to MASS
    • Incorrect data was entered into the MASS database
    • The applicant has changed their name since the last application
    • The applicant has changed concession card type since their last application. Please note applicants may use different eligibility cards in other service areas
    • The applicant search has timed out, try again later or a different browser.

    You can troubleshoot this by:

    • Try different concession card details
    • Try using the applicant’s unique reference number (URN/B number)
    • If the applicant's name is hyphenated, try removing the hyphen or using a space
    • Contact the contact the service area directly.
  • Yes, you can use an applicant's MASS client reference number (b number) to search.  In the applicant search enter:

    1. Applicant's family name
    2. Date of birth (Entered DD/MM/YYYY)
    3. In card type select "MASS Client Number (B Number)
    4. In card number: enter the applicant's b number e.g. B999999.
  • Yes. The details should be verified as being current and correct.

    Note: if you pulled the wrong client in the applicant search, you will need to start a new application as the application has been linked to the MASS record you loaded. Please do not overwrite the incorrect applicant’s details to match the correct applicant's details. Please contact the MASS-eApply team with the application number to have the application deleted.

  • You will need to start a new application as the application has been linked to the MASS record you loaded. Please do not overwrite the incorrect applicant’s details to match the correct applicant's details.

    Please contact the MASS-eApply team with the application number to have the application deleted.

  • MASS-eApply has permission to use Services Australia's (Previously known as the Department of Human Affairs) Centrelink Confirmation eServices (CCeS). CCes has strict controls and protocols for accessing applicant data.

    The card holder (applicant, or if the applicant is a child, their parent/guardian) or their representative will need to confirm their consent for CCeS to verify eligibility. This consent will be used for the sole purpose of authorising Services Australia to provide information to MASS to determine their eligibility in relation to assistance or services provided by MASS.

    This agreement can be made by having the applicant read the statement on the screen (or a printout) and clicking to consent with mouse themselves or agreeing verbally. Alternatively, the applicant can have the statement read to them and agree verbally. In both cases the wording should not be changed.

    The consent can be provided by:

    • The card holder (the customer) e.g. applicant or the applicant's parent/guardian.
    • Their customer representative.  A customer representative is a person who is authorised by the customer, or by law, to represent the customer or manage the customer’s affairs. Customer representatives can include nominees, authorised representatives and powers of attorney.

    Confirmation of Centrelink eligibility is a requirement of MASS funding, the application cannot proceed.

    If consent cannot be provided, another concession card may be used (if applicable).

    For troubleshooting error messages - refer to the MASS-eApply Help Page.

  • No, the application will have to wait as MASS cannot process the application until the applicant is proved to eligible. The applicant will need to use a different concession card (if applicable).

    The MASS84 is incorporated into the MASS-eApply application forms. Applications for children and applications with Queensland Government Seniors cards have an option to attach a copy of the card.

    If the applicant doesn't not consent to having a Centrelink check completed and has no other eligible card types, the application cannot proceed.

  • Applications cannot be changed or deleted after submission due to auditing requirements.

    You will need to contact the service area directly with the application number to explain the error, or cancel the application.

    Please note you may be required to complete new application.

  • Yes, we have the below available information sheets and tutorials:

    MASS Clinical Education also provides regular webinars.

  • If your browser has a security error, this can be caused by your browser firewall blocking the website, you will need to contact your own IT support to resolve this.

    If the form is being slow or things aren't loading, this can be caused by internet connection or browser. Try using a different browser. Please note, Internet Explorer has been phased out by Microsoft and is no longer being supported.

    For support with form questions and error messages, refer to the MASS-eApply help page for trouble shooting guide.

    If you can, take a screenshot of the error and send it to the MASS-eApply team via email.  You can note what it says if a screenshot isn’t possible. To assist us please outline what you were doing when the error happened and where in the form it appeared. It’s also helpful to say what your browser and operating system is.

MASS-eApply Support

To follow-up on an application, eligibility, delivery and product information please contact the specific service area.

If you are getting an error message on a form, refer to MASS-eApply help page for troubleshooting errors.

For enquiries and technical assistance (e.g. password resets, locked account etc) contact

Last updated: 10 November 2022

MASS-eApply Alerts

Issue reported 25/08/2023:

There is currently a system issue with applications being processed through the system resulting in a delay in receiving receipt emails/order status updates and account creation.

To download a copy of your application's pdfs, open your application through the dashboard and go to the last page, click next and then click on the download pdf link. A guide is available with screenshots (PDF 199 kB).

Issue reported 04/05/2022:

  • Some performance issues for users when attaching documents to applications, it is under investigation.
  • If you are experiencing issues, please email attachment and the application ID or applicant name to the MASS-eApply team.