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Mobility aids

Subsidy funding is available under the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) to support eligible Queenslanders who require daily living and mobility aids.

Available mobility aids

  • Infant/child seated mobility aids
  • Manual and power wheelchairs and accessories/modifications
  • Wheeled walking aids
  • Foam and pressure redistribution - Wheelchair Cushions

Eligible prescribers

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists and rehabilitation engineers are eligible to prescribe. In rural and remote areas, a registered nurse can prescribe (with designated specialist endorsement).

How to Prescribe

Specific eligibility, application and documentation requirements are provided in the MASS General Guidelines (PDF 426 kB) and application guidelines relevant to the type of aid. Prescribers conduct specialist assessments to determine the aids and equipment needs of clients. Prescribers can access MASS stock equipment for a maximum two week trial if they intend to prescribe the aid for an eligible client.

Once a suitable device has been selected, prescribers work with the client to complete and submit the MASS 20 DLA/MOB - Daily Living Aids and Mobility Equipment Application Form (PDF 1650 kB) and the Application Form specific to the type of device.

NEW - Basic Mobility Aids Trial

MASS recognises that increased frailty and declining functional ability impact directly on an individual’s health, wellbeing, comfort, and places them at significant risk of avoidable/premature hospital admission.

MASS is conducting a trial, which aims to address this issue by increasing available options for prescribers when applying for mobility aids (manual and power wheelchair) required for effective mobility to maintain independence, to assist carer’s in managing clients mobility needs at home and prevent premature hospital admission.

This trial introduces a new range of basic manual and power wheelchair options for provision as per the clinical criteria noted in the Basic Mobility Aids Trial Guidelines (PDF 220 kB), which is supplementary to the Application Guidelines for Mobility Aids (PDF 334 kB). These new categories will support the current MASS eligibility requirements for “The most basic mobility item which meets the applicants needs for seating, mobility and functional activities to be requested”.

Funding for these basic manual and power wheelchair categories is on a trial basis only. MASS has not received additional funding to support this initiative and the viability of the trial is dependent on existing budget constraints being met.

Basic Definition – off the shelf, lightweight, foldable/transportable, cost effective, no requirement for adjustability.

Mobility aid application guidelines (including current subsidy amounts)

Mobility aid resources

Mobility aid application forms

MASS-eApply (online applications) is the preferred method of application submission. To register click here or for further information click here.  Tutorials on completing MASS-eApply applications can be found here.

Equipment letter template


MASS Stock and Warehouse Access

Access to MASS stock for trial and allocation for eligible clients is currently limited to applicants for urgent Hospital discharge (including TCP, PACS), other urgent circumstances on consultation with MASS or where the item/s required by the applicant will result in a large copayment.

Monday to Friday – tele or video conference available


The MASS warehouses will remain closed to visitors due to COVID-19. Please monitor this website for updates.

  • Brisbane – open warehouse on Wednesday and Thursday – CLOSED
  • Townsville – open warehouse – CLOSED

Note: return of stock items to the warehouse must be organised by MASS via courier, due to COVID-19 cleaning and infection control requirements.

Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) - Mobility aid products and suppliers


Advice and clinical support

For clinical advice and support when prescribing mobility aids, please contact the relevant MASS Principal Aids Advisor.

Last updated: 3 January 2023

Information for applicants

Contact MASS

Find out about

  • Types of aids and equipment
  • Eligibility
  • How to apply

SOA products and suppliers

Find a list of Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) mobility aids and suppliers.

Mobility aid resources

Find fact sheets and videos to help clients with setting up, using and maintaining their mobility aid.

Online Applications

MASS-eApply is available for prescribers to register and submit applications to MASS.