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MASS repairs and maintenance

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: MASS Daily Living and Mobility Aids - Holiday Season Repairs.

Looking after your aids and equipment

The Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) will pay for repairs and maintenance arising from reasonable 'wear and tear' to aids/equipment on permanent loan.

MASS will not pay for repairs to aids/equipment funded by other sources, i.e. other government or NGO funding schemes, or aids/equipment where the ownership was transferred to you. You will need to pay for these repairs.

Make sure you read the operation manual provided by the supplier.  If you have questions about looking after your device, please contact the supplier.

Repairs and maintenance

If something happens to your aids/equipment, contact MASS as soon as possible. You will need to provide the MASS plaque number and describe the repairs that are needed. The MASS service centre will then issue a repair order.

Contact MASS or your prescriber if your aid/equipment is irreparable or unsafe to use. You may need to be reassessed for a replacement aid/equipment. While you are waiting, ask your clinician for available options as MASS is unable to provide temporary aids/equipment.

The Repairs and Maintenance Frequently asked Questions and  Repair Request Flowchart will assist you with the steps you need to take to have your aid/equipment repaired.

If you are travelling within Australia, contact MASS for approval for repairs at your current location. MASS will not pay transport or freight costs.

MASS will not pay for repairs for:

  • privately-owned aids/equipment or accessories
  • aids/equipment that have been replaced with another MASS-subsidised aid/equipment
  • aids/equipment and components funded from other sources
  • aids/equipment paid for privately and/or without prior authorisation by MASS
  • damage caused by inappropriate use of an aid/equipment
  • damage caused to an aid/equipment by lack of maintenance and cleaning
  • accidental destruction, loss or neglect of an aid/equipment
  • aid/equipment cleaning
  • repairs done by a supplier that has not been authorised by MASS
  • travel to the repairer
  • alternative arrangements while the aid/equipment is being repaired.

For more information on available funding for repairs download the Repairs and Maintenance List.

Returning your aid/equipment

You must return your aid/equipment to MASS when it is no longer required, is unserviceable or unsafe, or has been replaced by a new aid/equipment.

Insurance/Accidental Damage

MASS does not cover the accidental loss or destruction of medical aids and equipment. Therefore, you may wish to consider including the aid/equipment in your home contents insurance or have it insured separately. MASS does not reimburse costs involved with insurance.

More information

Additional resources are available to assist you with the general maintenance and care of your aid/equipment:

Repairs and Maintenance Information Books:

Mobility Aid resources
Daily Living Aid resources

Contact your clinician, aid/equipment supplier or nearest MASS service centre.

Last updated: 8 November 2022

Information for applicants

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