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MASS-eApply online applications

What is it?

MASS-eApply is an online system designed to provide greater versatility to MASS clients and prescribers who want the flexibility to make an application request when out in the community. Prescribers and clients no longer need to be in a hospital, clinic or in an office to lodge a MASS application. MASS-eApply gives you the freedom to submit electronic applications wherever you might be.  MASS-eApply has been designed to work across multiple platforms i.e. via a computer/laptop, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone and across all MASS service areas.

For those who are normally in a fixed location you can still take advantage of MASS-eApply. No matter where you choose to be you can submit an application to MASS.

MASS recognises that if you are an existing MASS client or prescriber you shouldn’t have to keep on providing your information with every application. With MASS-eApply, after you register and submit the first application, clients and prescribers will be recognised and will no longer need to keep repeating their details as they will auto-populate on all future applications.

Benefits of MASS-eApply

Registered Prescribers:
  • Appropriate parts of the MASS application will auto-populate with prescriber information
  • Immediate confirmation of administrative eligibility with a live check for Centrelink and Health Care Card holders
  • Monitor progress of applications
  • Exisiting MASS client data can be auto-populated into an application
  • In future applications an update is only required if the auto-populated information has changed e.g. different address, phone number etc.
  • Receive a PDF copy of the application for your records after you submit the application
Registered Clients:
  • After the first application existing MASS client's information will auto-populate
  • All that will be required is an update if the information has changed e.g. different address, phone number etc.
  • Monitor progress of your application to order stage with your preferred supplier

When is it available?

With such a significant change it will be rolled out in stages and MASS is in the process of preparing a range of training materials to help you as you navigate through your registration and first eApply application. Please refer to the MASS-eApply information page for more information on how and when you can register.

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Last updated: 7 January 2019